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Born in Florence, Alabama, Steve Henrickson proudly graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Operations Management. Perhaps more importantly, he attended Auburn when Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Frank Thomas were there!

After twelve years of working in the corporate world for companies like American Express and Merrill Lynch, he met a Real Estate broker while volunteering at the polls during election season in 2004. She persuaded him to consider a career in Real Estate because it required so many of the same skills he was already accustomed to using! He decided to take the leap. The market was on fire and he had to learn quickly and sometimes on the fly. Of course, when the market crashed several years later, he adopted an entirely new set of skills. His somewhat sudden career change followed by so many market fluctuations equips him to understand and respond to people in a great variety of situations.

Steve truly appreciates the opportunity to have relationships with his customers.

He always says that he treats people the way he would want someone to treat his daughter. His passion is knowing his clients leave the closing table with exactly what they wanted. He often continues friendships with clients and feels great joy when he can find other ways to serve them years later, like hooking them up with job opportunities or investments. When he isn't working, he loves spending time with his wife, Gretchen, and their blended family of 7 (not including Snickers the Labradoodle). Steve enjoys running, woodworking, and even building furniture. A patriotic man, Steve often frames American flags and blue line flags for his clients at every closing.